`Road Safety Reporting: workshop for Asian Journalists’ held in Malaysia

`Road Safety Reporting: workshop for Asian Journalists’ has been held in Melia hotel, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia on 6-8 December.

16 Journalist from Bangladesh, India, Viet Nam and Malaysia took part in the workshop.

Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) organized the workshop in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Its aim to build a cadre of reporters that will share the knowledge with their newsrooms and networks, and produce high quality reports that help reduce deaths from road crashes.

Journalist and Media Trainer Deborah Potter, Mercedes Sayagues Asian Development Bank (ADB) Senior Transport specialist David Shelton, Professor of Transport Planning, Indian Institute of Technology Geetam Tiwari, Former Director General of Malaysian Road Safety Research (MIROS) Professor Farhan Sadullah, Director of MIROS Ir. Azhar Hamzah, Safe Kids Malaysia, Univerty of Putra’s Dr Kulanthayan Mani, Asian Society for emergency Medicine Dr. Abu Hassan Assari Abdullah, Professor Sharifah Allyana was the resource person.

WHO, Media Engagement Lead for Road Safety Mattew Taylor, AIBD Director Philomena Gnanapragasm and AIBD Program Manange Nabeel Tirmazi were present and conducted the session.

In addition to the overall presentation of the road safety of the four countries mentioned in the workshop, emphasis was placed on increasing the reporting and training of journalists in this regard. After the training, certificates were distributed among the participating journalists.

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