Two passengers including Turkish citizen detained at Airport for trying to smuggle $230,000 out of Bangladesh


Customs officials detained two persons, including a Turkish citizen, while they were trying to smuggle out USD 230,000 at Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport last night.

The detainees are Mahmuda Feroz, an US-bound Bangladeshi national, and Mehmet Remzi, a Turkish citizen going to his country, said Harun or Rashid, assistant revenue officer of Customs.

The customs officials, with the help of airport security officials, first detained Mahmuda from boarding gate area around 6:30pm as she was trying to board an Emirates flight. They recovered $30,500 from her, Harun told The Media.

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Three hours later, the officials detained Mehmet as he was trying to board an Istanbul-bound flight of Turkish Airlines around 9:30pm, he said, adding they recovered USD 200,000 from his possession.

Both passengers were trying to take the US dollars out of the country without any declaration. They could not show any valid document, the customs officials said.

Mahmuda told officials that she lives in US and came to Bangladesh a month ago. She was returning to US. The Turkish national arrived in the country on May 24. Before that, he travelled to Bangladesh in December last year. He did not say anything about the source of the dollars, they said.

Two cases were field with Airport Police Station and the detainees were handed over to police.

Sources : The Daily Star

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